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fiUME OF *E^ 
"77ie Paper" connecting all Whiting tip Davis interests. 

Volume 3 

Plainville, Mass., November 2, 1922 

Number 22 

This Picture Shows the Beautiful Interior of the John Wanamakek Stork, 
Philadelphia, Pa., also the Je\yeU\v Dept. where \V. & D. Mesh Bags 
are Prominently Displayed iu Handsome Cases. 
Tliis truly wouilerf-ul store employs (iO'OO people. 

If You Were a Little Gir'. 

Whdt Christmas '22 May Mean to 
Many Tiny Tots 

Suppose you were a little girl and 
on Christmas morn you slid noise- 
lessly out of bed, tiptoed softly to the 
room where Santa Claus had been 
so busy the eve before, and pulled 
from its stocking hiding place a 
gleaming, silken-textured mesh bag, 
just the size and style and everything 
that proclaimed it to be for a little 
girl like you — made just like moth- 
er's, but all your very own. Would- 
n't dolls and dishes, baby carriages 
and books be forgotten as you fond- 
led the glittering gem that marked, 
perhaps, your first step "towards a 
' ' grown-up-lady ' ' ? 

Well, that's just what Santa Claus 
has ordered from the Whitine & Dav- 
is Co., Plainville, Norfolk Co", Mass. 
for Christmas, 1922. A mesh bag for 
tiny tots! And made for all little 
girls. Bags in sterling and gold for 
those fortunate misses whose fathers 
have lost their hair and digestions 
getting rich. And for other little 
girls whose fathers voted for Brvan 
and the full dinner pail, bags of 
plated mesh that cost less, but are 
just as dear to the diminutive dam- 

Of course Santa Claus placed his 
order long ago with very exacting 

Cont'd on pave 2 Col, 1 

"fly Rosary" 

Whiting Chain Co. Adds Notable 
Novelty to Its Line 

rewelry novelties are likely to 
-fjhs combine with the advantage of 
rapid and volume sale, the disadvan- 
tage of short-lived popularity. 

An idea which the Whiting Chain 
Company has just announced is one 
of the few novelties ever marketed in 
the jewelry line lacking this disad- 
vantage of transient popularity. 

The idea is a rosary set— a dainty, 
diminutive mesh bag, round in shape, 
holding a set of prayer beads. The 
circular top of the bag is arranged 
as a coin container capable of holding 
three dimes. A ring in the chain 
"handle makes for convenient carry- 

The rosary sets are made in sterl- 
ing, green and white gold plate and 
silver plated finish ; the entire set, 
bag and prayer beads, in these 
finishes. Both "Whiting" soldered 
or unsoldered meshes are used. 

The beauty of the sets is not their 
least charm to every woman whose 
religion makes prayer beads an es- 
sential. The convenient, practical 
aspect is a decided asset, A rosary, 
alone, is frequently lost, and it is apt 
to l>e at best a difficult thing to carry. 

With its safely enclosed beads, 
the rosary set, scarcely two inches in 
Cont'd on I'jtere 2 Col 2 

Bag Topics 

Catalog § Broadside sent out. 
Selling better Quality Bags. 
Two more of them! ».. r 
Up to Employees. 

By Harry B. Bo wan 

• The new Whiting & Davis Mesh 
Bag catalogue upon -which much time 
and money has been spent to enhance 
its appeal, is being. sent out to the 1 


* . * ^ 

Nine 1 ' ousand, copies of a Broad- 
side are being sent out to the trafae 
showing our Najs^a^q^dver t is i ng. 
General approva£m?<i ween expressed 
for its artistic and ,Je4* competing 


* * jf 

Soldered mesh bages are selling 
well. This may be ascribed to the 
demand for holiday presents. Then 
again, in the Fall season the better 
goods always sell. The new Tariff 
undoubtedly has also helped and has 

given more general employment. 

# # # 

Two more manufacturers of mesh 
have admitted their infringing on 
Basic patents held by the Whiting & 
Davis Co., and have come to an 


# # * 

Dick Berkeley and Sam Kenyon 
inspected the J. & P. Coats Recrea- 
' Hon building and obtained much in- 
formation that should be of value 
in the running of our jn*-W recreation 
1 lilding. Dick is in communication 
with several concerns relative to the 
way their recreation buildings are 
.conducted. This is a subject the 
Wadco is pleased to receive sugges- 
tions on. In this way all may dis- 
cuss the vital subject of administra- 
tion and get their ideas across. 

The present is a most opportune 
time for employees to get together to 
discuss ways and means of perfecting 
an organization to have charge of 
the new recreation building which is 
rapidlv nearing completion. It is 
Mr. Whiting's wishes that the ad- 
ministration of the buildmg shall 
rest in the hands of the employees. 


He that cannot obey 
niierl ■ — "FY or, p' i: *\ 

cannot coin 


Wadco News 

Pi blished Skmi-Monthly 
by Employees of Whiting it Davie Co. 

Plainville, Mass. 
Edituk . . II. B. Rowan 

jlssociate Editors 
Lawrence Cook Canadian Factory 

Phoebe Ilavey Sol'd Mesh Dept. 

Rita Abrains Unsol'd Mesh Dept. 

Dick Barton Mesh Dept. 

Ted Peterson Stamp Dept. 

Erwio Sylvia Tool Dept. 

Prank Brown Bench Dept. 


Cont'd from Page 1 Col. 1 
inst ructions as to the way the new 
children's mesh bags must be made — 
the same careful workmanship, the 
same superior materials, the same re- 
gard for the Whiting & Davis quali- 
ty traditions that have made our 
regular line of mesh bags everywhere 

And we have been working quietly 
away on Santa Clans 's order until 
we were ready to tell the world that 
we have succeeded. We have. Sam- 
ples sent to Holiday Headquarters — 
somewhere near the north Pole, we 
believe, (ask the Shipping Depart- 
ment) came back with "0. K. Santa 
Clans" and we speeded up produc- 
tion on what is probably, next to a 
doll that walks, the dearest gift ever 
devised for a little maid. 

And because, of course, Santa 
Claus • could never carry all the 
miniature mesh bags he will need 
to distribute, all over the wor'd. we 
have advertised them in all the trade 
papers so that dealers in every place 
where Santa gets his stocks will have 
them on hand. And. too. we've told 
about them in all the magazines 
that mothers and fathers read, ten 
million homes, forty million readers, 
so tliat they may get their orders to 
Santa Claus early for bine, or brown, 
or grey eyed little misses who will 
slide out of bed ever so early and so 
noiselessly on next Christinas morn, 
tiptoe softly to the room where San- 
ta Clans has been so busy the eve be- 
fore and pull from its stocking hid- 
ing place a gleaming, glittering sPk- 
en-textured mesh bag — -all her very 
own. Dolls and dishes and baby car- 
riages and books wiil be as yesterday. 
And in those marvellous childish 
eyes, in that tense hug of her treas- 
ure to childish breast, many a father 
and toother will find the heisrht of 
happiness of ojy'ma to those who ap- 
preciate most — their children. 

The Wadco Ad Man. 

Cont'd from Page 1 Cul. 2 
depth and an inch in diameter, 
swings gracefully, securely and con- 
veniently from the finger, or it may 
be attached to or carried inside a 
mesh bag. vanity case or hand bag. 

The practical nature of this 
"novelty" is best evidenced, how- 
ever, by the exceptional demand 
which has developed for it since its 

Several stores originally placing 
small orders have reordered in gen- 
erous quantities, and one well known 
department store has reordered three 
times in three weeks. 

Although classed as a jewelry 
novelty, the rosary set has rather 
much of the character of a necessity, 
because of the religious character of 
the product. Prayer beads are a 
necessity to all devotees of the Catho- 
lic religion and this new safe and 
convenient method of carrying them 
will be deemed equally necessary by 
thousands of women and little girls. 

Not only is immediate sale of "My 
Rosary" sets assured, but the idea 
has all the qualifications of enduring 
sales success. 

The Wadco Ad Man. 
Note: Look for the Ad Man's talk 

in each issue of the Wadco News. 

He will have something interesting 

to tell you. 

B. S. Forbes says the greatest 
money making machinery in the 
world weighs only a few ounces, and 
thank the Lord it has been gifted to 
us all. It is the human brain. But 
like all machinery il has to be oper- 
ated to yield results. 


In the fifteenth century, one of the 
principal modes of education in use 

was for children to reside in the 
houses of Bishops and the Nobility, 
where they were instructed in learit- 
ing in return for services rendered 
to their masters. 

METAL PRICES— OCT. 24. 1022 

Antimony, 6% to 7c. 
Copper Electrolvtic, Spot 137/ 8 to 

Lead. Spot $6.50 to $6.85. 
Bar Silver, Domestic, 99 1 4c 
Bar Silver. Foreign, 67 5 /£c. 
Tin, Snot 35%c. 
Zinc, 7c. 


Mr. Lawrence Cook, Canadian 
Branch Manager of Whiting & Davis 
Co.. on October 17th, at tne Magog 
House delivered an address before 
the Sherbrooke Canadian Rotarians 
on the manufacture of mesh bags, 
going into the details and passing 
out among those present, for examin- 
ation, some of the latest styles in- 
cluding "Sunset" Bags. Among 
other things he said the Canadian 
Branch was started in May, 1914, to 
handle Canadian and export busi- 
ness. Export business falling off, the 
output has been confined entirely to 
the Dominion. 

He told how the Branch was ar- 
ranged and managed on the same 
plans and principle as the main fac 
tory. At the conclusion of his re- 
marks Mr. Cook passed around sam- 
ples of the local product showing 
different patterns and colors. 

The "Sunset" bag of several col- 
ors attracted particular attention 
especially so when it was explained 
the colors were due to t'^e wire be- 
ing made of different material and 

Mr. Cook was voted a hearty vote 
of thanks for his interesting address 
which enabled many Rotarians to ob- 
tain a further idea of the important 
manufactures which are beine put 
up by concerns in the city of Sher- 

We are pleased to show this picture 

of lUsstLL Douglas McMili.ian son 

of Samuel McMillian. Colorer, 

Canadian Branch. 

John Killion is at home sick, suf- 
fering from a stomach disorder. 

Cotton prices are jumping up. an- 
proximately $15.00 a bale since Oc- 
tober 2nd. 23%C is quoted for De- 
ceml'cr cotton. Increase is largely 
due to optimistic Dry Goods advices. 



Showing New "Six Unit Mesh Machine" Used in Making "Sunset Mesh" 
Which ('manges Automatically Feom One Colok to Another. 

Mr. Charles A. Whiting was an 
invited guest and speaker at the Ban- 
quet of Executives and Employees 
of the jewelry and kindred line de- 
partments of Filene's Department 
Store, Boston, on Tuesday evening, 
October 24th. He gave an interest- 
ing talk for an hour on the manufac- 
ture and growth of the mesh bag in- 


There are reports of tampering 
with the suit case belonging to our 
friend Victor. Rumor has it that, — 
Oh ! we blush to say it — But — pa- 
jamas were conspicuous by their ab- 

Everett Davis spent Oct. 2°th at 
the Fed Men's Convention, Fall Riv- 
er. He went as a delegate frcm the 
local lodge. 

A crowd of girls from the snir d 
department attended the masquerade 
dance Hallowe'en evening at the 
Town Hall. 

Edith Hartman is undecided in 
her choice, whether it is to be a gen- 
tleman from Woonsocket or William 
M. Come Edith let us know, as we 
are interested, you know. 

The Fditor seems to think it would 
be in line to say something in this is- 
sue about football, and as I have no 
very good news as far as a winning 
team is concerned, I'll tell you what 
we are up against in our next game 
and probably you may bear with us. 
The Taft Foot Ball Club is our next 
opponent. They have nine players 
out of the eleven that have up to this 
year signed professional contracts. 
This year they have signed up on 
Amateur contracts, consequently 
haven't lost a game this season, but 
as the old saying goes, "Murder will 
out" and we have been on the receiv- 
ing end, but thev haven't finished 
the job yet. Where there is life 
there is hope. 

J. Whittaker. 

Louise McKeon entertained the 
Plaeetso Club and office friends at a 
Hallowe'en Party on Tuesdav even- 
ing. The costumes occasioned great 
merriment, and after unmasking a 
buffet lunch was served and dancing 
and games enjoyed. 

We have in the unsoldered De- 
partment a new comer, Miss Grace 
Normand. She is one of our new 

Helen rather enjoyed a ride to 
Woonsocket the other night in a 
Hudson Limousine. Who is he Helen? 
Some class, we'll say. Is it Scrubby? 

By Ted Peterson. 

I have found that old hunters do 
not usually take my hints except 
with some such remark as "How-d'- 
ya-git-that-way ? " or "Have you 
just got onto that?" or else burst out 
in loud, hoarse laughter, and leave 
the room. 

"Hunting" signifies the art or 
procedure of finding some one, body 
or thing, that is lost, strayed or stol- 
en. At this time of the year most men 
who term themselves Hunters, are 
scouring the woods, marshes and 
fields in quest of the almost extinct 
wild life. There's one satisfaction 
tho, the hunting gets better each 
year as the game gets scarcer. 

The first thing the amateur Hun- 
ter must do, is to buy himself a prop- 
er hunting outfit which consists 
roughly, of fire arms, explosives, cut- 
lery, clothing and several other ar- 
ticles too numerous to mention, and 
a dog. The most essential tho, is a 
gun. There are several kinds of 
guns, Grease-guns, Squirt-guns, 
Pump-guns, Air-guns, D<ouble-guns, 
Single-guns, Long-guns, Shot-guns, 
Good-guns, Bad-guns, Great-guns, 
Pop-guns and Son-a-guns. My advice 
is to get a shot-gun, 10 gauge (the 
state prohibits anything larger, or 
I'd suggest a 4 or 6 gauge) with 32 
or 36 inch barrels, weighing about 
15 lbs. The reason for a piece of ar- 
tillery this size, is, after you have 
toted it around all day and found 
nothing to shoot at, that when you 
wake up the next morning no one will 
have to tell you that you were hunt- 
ing yesterday. Make sure you get a 
gun that fits you, drop, balance and 
feel. A good gun will last a hunter 
many years. I knew a man once who 
had a gun for which he onlv paid 
$1.50, but which lasted his lifetime. 
The first time he fired it, it exploded 
and killed him. I have a $2.00 gun 
which was presented to me in 1906 
and is still in good condition. This 
is partly due to the care I have taken 
of it. and partly because I don't dare 
fire it. 

(To be continued.) 

Arthur Sherman of Wrentham 
has entered the unsoldered depart- 
ment to operate the new cutting ma- 
chine for fringe. 

Sam Harker and Al Larson found 
it necessary to visit the factory 
nurse last week. Both had steel 
splinters in their eyes which were re- 


PI ' 

1 1" Vr ~ £ '~ S *^F*J& 

Hilda Kriegle has joined the De- 
partment A, circle of employees. She 
will work on samples and mesh de- 
velopment work. 



(R)uthlesa and carefree the party 

E veryone silent, silent as clams, 
i T hen all of a sudden and with a 

slight ring, 
( A n odd thing happened to the 

chair with a spring. 

(A)nd all around, no one knew, 

B lut whoever did it, must 'a' flew; 

K etnrning from passing the candy 

and cake, j ett to Right — Lottie Moore, Annie 

A T last, a chair, now I can take. Connelly, Louise Knegle ana 

I M lercy me. what did I break? but— ] lK . y Thibeadau 

s ilence reigned and no one knew ; „ fc Machine Dept Notes 

And the story goes on like Dan ,_ „ ,. i i • 

Ar n m ,„ Many of the mesh machines are 
jicLirue. . ■ . , , n , 
running night and day. 

Mrs. Grace Crowley has moved in- 
to her new mansion between Wren- 
tham and City Mills. 

Joe Matteos of the mesh machine 
department has a tricky Ford. The 
other day it executed a somersault, 
ianding on all fours ; the machine was 
driven away without suffering any 

John Javalackian of the mesh ma- 
chine department has been very sick 
for the last two weeks. 

Lena Rowland, of the joining ma- 
chine department has been away from 
work due to illness. 

Mr. and Mrs. Beaumont have re- 
turned from their wedding trip. Em- 
ployees wish them good luck and a 
happily married life. 

Erganian is becoming an efficient 
fixer on No 4 mesh machines. 

Sahog Ohannasian is the proud 
father of a baby hoy. Our best 
wishes to you. Sahog. 

Magrdah Tutillian is thinking 
seriously of marriage. Where is she 
Magrdah ? 

Joe Sharpe, a long time employee 

of the mesh machine department, has 

been out sick two weeks, but is re- 

ported convalescing. We miss you 

. Joe. 

Dick Barton attended the J. V. 
Ray Fire Station dedicat : on in 
Franklin. Saturday. October 21st. 

Chester Anderson has written 
Dick Berkeley that he is exhibiting 
the mesh machine in Akron, Ohio. 
The machine is running as smooth as 
a top. His next stop will be Colum- 
bus. Ohio. 

Nelson Riley and Roberta Berry 
have entered bonds of matrimony. 

Sam Lenan has purchased a camp 
at a summer resort near Woonsocket. 
He expects to have many good times 
next summer. 

Francis Joyle is another who is 
learning to roller skate. 

Left to Right — Yvonne Guay, \Taleda 
Precourt, Lillian Preeourt and Gloria 
Precourt, of Painting Dept. 

Suit clubs are popular in a certain 
department and one young lady in 
particular must always draw first 
money. Wonder w ? ho it is? 

Otto Newhaus has been accused of 
throwing a cover over his machine 
when the girls come around to ask 
for a ride. 

Elsie says she has received still 
another letter from her sailor boy 
who is heading Nor' Nor' East. 

Lillian Bryden, rumor has it, is 
partial to Titian hair on males. 

It was attempted, but not success- 
ful. Ask Florence Whiting. 

Sam Kenyon wants a piece of 
ground and a high priced garage 
for a high priced Automobile he in- 
tends purchasing. Fall River seems 
to hold his attention and has for 
some time. 

Soldered Mesh Notes 

Lillian, Helen and Tina went to 
consult a Fortune Teller last week. 
She told them many interesting 
things, among others that each would 
get a wedding band before the year 
is out. 

Tina Gauvin and seatmates, it is 
rumored, are practicing at Grand 

Billy Fitzpatrick and Leonard 
Ward were out in the Country tour- 
ing in Billy's "John Henry" when 
a cow loomed in front of the engine. 
Leonard was so frightened he made 
a hasty exit over the top of the seat 
and landed in a heap in the rear. 

Coming rather cold weather now 
for the girls to go over to "The Old 
Swimming 'Ole with Martha. 

Bill reports Tecumseh doing well, 
but would like to know what makes 
him cry only at night. 

Rose Babinea left us Saturday and 
returned to Worcester. 


Ralph Hemingson, Ted Peterson and 

a Friend 
Lillian Bryden attended the C. E. 

Convention. The surroundings were 
rather "Strong." 

Ellen Peek is surely a charming 
Miss when she waves her hair. 

Say — Lillian — Conic on down to 
earth and see how it seems. 

Martha Pierce attended the A. & 
P. Ball at Rhodes, Monday evening. 

George Clark was hit on the nose 
while chopping wood one day re- 

Silvia, our Wadco Cartoonist, 
while out auto-driving in Abington, 
was bumped into. Result — Smashed 
tail light and tire rim. 

Frank Gaddes had an unfortunate 
accident one rainy night last week 
when he ran into a wagon, injuring 
a child, also smashing the mud- 
guards and radiator of his car.